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What is Networking Tasmania?

The Telstra Networking Tasmania (NT) Agreements are arrangements between the Tasmanian Government and Telstra for the provision of Managed Data Services to the Government. The agreements govern the provision of services for the Tasmanian State Government and other associated customers who have outsourced their network communications and value added services to Telstra. The successful design, operation and maintenance of a managed network, particularly in an environment of rapidly changing business needs, is a highly specialised task. It requires knowledge and skills available only to organisations with extensive experience in this field. Government entities in Tasmania can continue to gain access to these skills through Telstra NT services.

The NT agreements allow internal IT resources to be freed up for the important tasks of developing and supporting the applications that are unique to the organisation’s situation. The agreements are far more than just a managed network however. They link together customer sites via optional connection methods, coupled with value added service and provide a one stop shop for the management of government communication needs. Together, NT enable business objectives to be met by providing access to your network via:

  • Core Network Services
    • Core Hosting Services
    • Domain Name Services (DNS)
    • Web Proxy Infrastructure
  • Connection Services (physical connection to customer sites)
    • Network Connection Services
    • Network Extension Services
  • Internet Services including
    • Content Filtering
    • Web Anti Virus
    • Intrusion Protection Service
  • Messaging Gateway Service
    • Anti Virus Filtering
    • Spam Filtering
  • Access to the Government Directory Service

Networking Tasmania operates in a highly secure, end-to-end fully managed environment, at World’s Best Practice. In addition to connecting LANs, NT also provide:

  • A range of Remote Access Services
  • Tasmanian Dial up VPN Access
  • Dial up Internet Access
  • Internet VPN
  • Mobile IP Network Access

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