Authorised Representatives

It has been agreed between the Tasmanian Government and Telstra that requests/faults etc are to be channelled through nominated customer representatives for each customer. To facilitate this, customers under the Networking Tasmania Three (NTIII) contract are to nominate representatives who have the authority to contact the Customer Care Centre.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure appropriate customer policies are followed and that Telstra has all relevant information. This has a mutual benefit for both parties.

All requests/faults etc received in the Telstra NTIII Customer Care Centre are to be authorised by the customer’s representative. The Telstra NTIII Customer Care Centre staff have contractual conditions to log and action only requests received by the nominated customers authorised representatives. Where customers have not nominated a representative, or kept details up to date, Telstra NTIII Customer Care Centre staff have been directed by the Tasmanian Government to advise these sites at the point of contact of the agreed requirements and their inability to action the request until representative requirements have been met.

Change of Tasmanian Government representatives

As from July 2008 customer now manage their own authorisation list via the Web Portal attached to the Networking Tasmania Web site. Via the portal customers can make changes to or add and delete representatives and their specific authorisation when dealing with NT.

Customer nominated administrators to make changes to the Authorisation list. Customers must contact the NT helpdesk if they want to changes their selection of administrator(s).

Orders for work and customer fault reports requested by personnel not listed at the Telstra NTII Customer Care Centre will not be actioned.