How to request installations, cancellations, moves and changes

Requests for installations, cancellations, adds, moves and changes may only be forwarded by the Authorised Representative of customers under the NTIII contract.

All requests for installations, cancellations, adds, moves and changes are to be completed on a NTIII order form, which can be found on the forms section of this site. At present there are some product specific forms in the section to assist with ordering services under the NTIII contract.

The NTIII order forms can be emailed to the Customer Care Centre via or via fax to 1800 809 786.

If you are not sure of how to complete this, or requires some clarification, please contact the Telstra Customer Care Centre

Acknowledging The Request
When a request is received, the details are checked by the Telstra Customer Care Centre to ensure data is complete, accurate and properly authorised. If the details are not correct then the Tasmanian Government representative is contacted to obtain correct information, before processing of the request begins.

All applications will be acknowledged on receipt and the lead time to deliver the service or adds, moves and change requests will be included in this advice.

A matrix detailing the standard lead time for work is also available on this site and can be found in the Service Description section.

Monitoring The Request
The Telstra Customer Care Centre will monitor the work progress and advise the customer’s representative of any difficulties or delays.

Completing The Request
When the requested work has been completed the Telstra Customer Care Centre Consultants will formally advise the customer’s representative.

Committed Time for Changes
Refer to the Contract Information section of this site for details.

Site Access
The customer’s representative is responsible for ensuring Telstra has access to the customer’s site at a mutually agreed time. In addition the document titled Customer Premises Site requirements details the requirement of both Telstra and the customer to ensure the site is ready for work.

Requested Work Outside Business Hours
If customers require work to be carried out outside of business hours the Telstra Customer Care Centre will supply a quote for the additional cost above the contract installation fee.