Attachment Blocking

The Message Gateway Service (MGS) is currently removing certain types of attachments from messages which enter or leave the Networking Tasmania network and could pose a security risk to the network. While there are obviously legitimate uses for these types of files, they also have the potential to be used to transport malware (viruses/spam engines/keyboard loggers etc) to unsuspecting end users.

If a file you require has been blocked by the MGS, please contact the person who sent it to you and ask them to resend it using an alternative method. One method would be to include the file in an encrypted ZIP archive, as this helps ensure you are only opening files that you expected to be sent to you.

The following file extension are currently being block by the existing policy;

.ade Access Project Extension (Microsoft Corporation)
.adp Access Project (Microsoft Corporation)
.ani Animated Cursor File
.app Application object file
.asd Advanced Streaming format (ASF) Description file
.asf Active Advanced Streaming Format
.asx Windows Media Audio / Video
.bas Microsoft Visual Basic class module
.bat Batch file
.chm Compiled HTML Help file
.cmd Microsoft Windows NT Command script
.com Microsoft MS-DOS program
.cpl Control Panel extension
.crt Security certificate
.dll A file containing runtime routines for use with program files
.doc.exe Self-Extracting Work document
.exe Program
.fxp FoxPro executable precompiled prg
.hta HTML program
.inf Setup Information
.ini Setup files
.ins Internet Naming Service
.isp Internet Communication settings
.js JScript file
.jse Jscript Encoded Script file
.ksh UNIX Shell Script
.lib Program Library Common files
.lnk Shortcut
.mdz Cubic Player – Cross-View
.msc Microsoft Common Console document
.msi Microsoft Windows Installer package
.msp Microsoft Windows Installer patch
.mst Microsoft Windows Installer transform; Microsoft Visual Test source file
.obj Object code
.ocx Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding
.ops Office Profile Settings File (Microsoft Corporation)
.pcd Photo CD image; Microsoft Visual compiled script
.pdf.exe Self-Extracting PDF
.pif Shortcut to MS-DOS program
.prf Pixel Run Format graphics file/Printer Driver
.prg Atari program
.reg Registration entries
.req File Request
.scf Windows Explorer Command
.scr Screen saver
.sct Windows Script Component
.sea Self-Extracting compressed Macintosh file Archive
.sh Unix Share Archive file
.shb Shell Scrap object
.shs Shell Scrap object
.sys PC Data files
.url Internet shortcut
.vb Visual Basic script
.vbe VBScript Encoded script file
.vbs VBScript file
.vxd Virtual Device Driver
.wmd Windows Media Download file
.wmf Windows MetaFile vector graphics – self-extracting
.wms Windows Media Skin file
.wmz Windows Media Compressed Skin file
.wsc Windows Script Component
.wsf Windows Script file
.wsh Windows Script Host Settings file
.xsl Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
It is possible that other extensions will have to be blocked in the future, given that virus authors frequently use new approaches.