Reporting Faults

Who can report faults
The Telstra Customer Care Centre will log, respond to and manage all faults reported by end users. Faults may only be reported by:

  • the Authorised representative of the customer;
  • in proactively managing the network the Telstra Customer Care Centre may lodge a fault docket.

Faults are reported by the customer’s Representative with the Telstra Customer Care Centre by telephoning 1800 813 302. There is no requirement to provide a written fault report.

When reporting a fault the following details are required:

  • Site address or other details that help identify the issue.
  • Contact details such as on site contact name and number and security access requirements.
  • Details of the fault.

The Telstra Customer Care Centre will provide a Fault Reference Number for each fault reported. This reference number will remain valid for the duration of the fault and should be quoted when enquires are made.

Fault Closure
A fault will be closed by contacting the Customer Representative.

Fault Definition
All faults will be managed as per the conditions contained in the NTIII Service Level Agreement. The NTIII Service Level Agreement is available as a reference document in the Contract Section of this web site.

Faults Reported Outside the Service Support Period
Fee for Service fault restoration for services outside the applied Service Support Period is not available.
Customers are encouraged to ensure that they have selected the correct Service Support Period for each site. The Telstra Account Team is available to discuss and help select the best option for each of your sites.